At Mood we can provide the full bathroom renovation service from start to finish. Whether you're renovating, doing a new build or just want us to supply the bathroom ware and cabinetry, we can help.  
We know that planning a new bathroom is fun and inspiring but it can also be a lengthy and complex process to go through. Use the below 3 step guide to create the bathroom of your dreams.
Our Designers at Mood are here to support you and tailor your individual journey in the best way to suit your needs. If you have any troubles along the way, simply call us on 0800 666 369 or skip straight to 'Step 3: Book a Consult' and we can assist.
A brief helps your designer to understand your space and who will be using it. Write down the brief in a email to send this to your designer. Please detail as much as you can by using the below categories:
- Inspirational Images - Pinterest, Instagram
- Budget expectations
- Bathroom Type - Master Ensuite, Main Bathroom or Guest Bathroom
- Floor - Describe the flooring you are considering. Tiles, concrete or wooden?
- Vanity and Cabinets: What style are you after? Refer to our "Create your own Vanity" for Size, Material, Style etc
- Tiles: Size, colour and Texture
- Bathroomware: Taps, Basins, Showerhead, Shower Glass, Toilets, Towel Rails, Toilet Roll Holders, Mirrors, Baths.
-Shower - Open or closed in shower. Recess nook required?
- Bath - Free standing, built in?
- Other Accessories - Heated Towel Rails, Mirrors, Toilet Roll Holders, Coat Hooks.
If you are renovating a existing home, we will need to know the size of the room and a few photos will help. Use the below guide to measure your room. Remember to take a few photos of the room and connecting spaces for us to get a good feel of the home.
Building a new home or space? Send us your Architectural Plans and Elevations and we can take it from there.
- Draw the outline of your room.
- Measure the distance between the walls. 
- Mark out doors and windows on the plan.
- Measure the distance from corners to doors/windows. 
- Draw your main walls.
- Measure the height of the room from floor to the ceiling.
- Measure windows/doors and their distance from the floor, the ceiling and the corners of your room.
- Add any other obstacles within the room that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, floor obstacles, skirting boards, columns, sloping ceiling and stairs.


Attach photos of the room and connecting photos.
Once you have your 'Brief' and 'Measure + Photos' ready, book a consult using the three options below. A designer will then get in touch with you to confirm your booking.
All our consultations are FREE! We don't charge for the design and estimate. Note we only travel within the Auckland region. Choose from the below ways to book a consultation with a Mood Designer.